Adv. Africa Mgaleli


Student Support Service unit is an integral part of college life long teaching and learning of the College. It assists with pre-entry support, carer guidance support, student development programmes, academic support and counselling support for student psycho-social challenges.

The vision of the unit is to advocate a holistic and student centred approach for retention, success and employability of students.

Department Sections

Pre-course assessment tools and counselling services are available to assist students establish a career pathway. This is a specialised service provided by highly qualified academics and registered counsellors in all Ikhala TVET College campuses. Information and career advice is provided at entry, on-course and exit support level.

Counselling service is available to assist students who present with various kinds of psycho-social challenges such as college adjustment, personal and social challenges. Peer support groups is also available and also assist in providing counselling support.

Academic support assists students to develop appropriate and effective approaches to learning, examination preparation and time management. Peer educator academic support system is provided and assist students to learn effectively in a student centred and controlled teaching and learning environment.

The SRC is a student governance structure which represents students in all matters that affect them. It is a platform where the skills opportunities for leadership in society are prepared and nurtured. SRC provides vital contributions to the life of the college student population and act as a link with college management.

The college offers job-linked programmes and the WIL unit links students to possible job opportunities. Exit workshops and seminars for job readiness and entrepreneurships are conducted during the academic year for all students.

The College adopts an inclusive approach to education where all students are accepted with their various forms of learning disabilities. The unit provides an inclusive teaching and learning environment through provision of various types of assistive learning devices and learning needs support.

Various sporting and cultural programmes are available for students to develop holistically, namely; physically, mentally, socially and emotionally. Students have opportunities and are encouraged to participate in these programmes as well as in community projects initiatives.

The office of the student Support Service Manager can be contacted for further information and advice by calling the following number: 047-873-8800 or prospective students can visit the nearest college campus for further assistance.

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