Mr. Lunga Malindi


The section is composed of five sub-units namely:

Department Sections

Employee Health and Wellness, Labour Relations: This sub-section is responsible for Integrated Human Resource Management. Ranging from Recruitment and selection, coupled with ensuring that the employee is emotionally and physically fit to execute his or her duties. The section also endeavours to ensure a good working environment through maintaining good labour relations. In addition one other focus area is building capacity of the employees  where it is needed most, while ensuring that those that perform best maintain their status.

As one knows the fact that IT is the backbone of every organisation. This unit works tirelessly to provide necessary support to all sites. It ensures timely response on all aspects of IT hence enhancing stability within the institution, as it is fully understood IT is the day to day aspect in the running of the College that has to guarantee a better future and innovation within the institution.

The section has been to this end a key driver of state of the art facilities of the College. This include maintenance of the infrastructure in order to provide a safe working environment at all times. Currently it is running two big projects of building other state of the art facilities in Aliwal North and Sterkspruit. These will cover need of a learner of today in terms of equipment and teaching and learning facilities and support.

Marketing and communication deals with the identity and image of the college. It also deals with communications, marketing and branding of the college. Annual reports and publications of the institution are produced in this section.

This is one of the sections that year in and year out, is responsible for the coordination of the strategic direction of the College dedicatedly so. This ensures that the vision and mission of those charged with responsibility to provide direction and development is brought into action. The section also is slowly but surely building the culture of monitoring and evaluation of the College’s performance as enshrined in the Government Wide Monitoring and Evaluation System. This enables those with the responsibility to account to do so, to the achievement of not just the Colleges’s plans but the Region as well as the Country’s development plan.

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